White Sage Incense

White Sage Incense

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They are specially made to refresh and balance your energies!
  • It was produced by natural ways and handmade methods.
  • It is manufactured in India and imported by Deuxsigners

Special Focus

Sage scented Masala Stick Incense is a natural incense produced using sage. The product contains only plant extracts. The incense, which takes its final form using wood, is produced entirely by hand.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Sage Flavored Masala Stick Incense Fragrance

It can be used to get rid of negative energy.
It can be used for cleaning natural stones and similar natural materials.
It can be used in various rituals, meditations and yogas.
It allows the spiritual transformation to pass painlessly.
It cleans the air and prevents harmful particles from entering the body.
It helps to open the chakras and prevents energy blockages.
Thanks to its motivating feature, it can be used during work.
It helps with problems related to sleep patterns.
It helps overcome difficulties in relationships.
It purifies the body and soul from the effects of stress.

The package contains 15-20 sticks = 15 grams.
The average burning time for an incense stick is 40 minutes.