Pisces Crystals Set

Pisces Crystals Set

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Specially put together for Pisces signs. Now your happiness and chakra balancing will be much easier.

The set contains:

  • 1 piece of Beeswax candle (7x4cm)
  • 1 piece of palo santo stick
  • 1 piece of palo santo holder
  • 1 piece of Amethyst
  • 1 piece of Labradorite
  • 1 piece of Clear Quartz
  • 1 piece of Lapis Lazuli

Palo Santo incense holder color is chosen randomly.

You can find a unique comfort thanks to the Pisces Sign Set , which is brought together for Pisces to get rid of situations such as anxiety, stress and unhappiness while making you feel more energetic.

The palo santo in the set give peace with its healing scent. Also, beeswax softens the ambient air. Natural stone masses, on the other hand, offer many physical and mental benefits.

P.S: Size and color might slightly differ in reality since these are all natural stones.