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Palo Santo

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The purifying and healing properties of Palo Santo wood incense were discovered by Spanish monks. That is why the tree was named Palo Santo, which means the wood of the saints and the sacred tree. After this tree takes its natural death, it is cut down to make incense. In order not to lose its mystical feature, the tree cannot be touched while alive. In addition, it is forbidden to damage the tree while the tree is alive, as it is believed that tree branches keep the world in balance and symbolize heaven with its existence.

Palo Santo Incense Wisdom

According to the shamanic belief, the Palo Santo tree represents wisdom. According to this belief, every plant has a soul. The spirit of the Palo Santo tree also carries the wisdom that enables people to heal both spiritually and physically, with the smoke coming out of a piece of wood.

Faith must respect this spirit and not misuse the wisdom it carries. The most important reason why the tree is not cut down before its natural death occurs is the respect for the tree and the wisdom in it.

Palo Santo Wood Incense Functions

Palo Santo tree is used in many areas of life. You can easily use Palo Santo wood incense in your daily life. Palo Santo wood sticks are used as incense and help you with the following
  • Replace the bad energy with the positive energy.
  • Increase the vibration of your body.
  • Improve your power of concentration.
  • It helps you relax during meditation.
  • It has healing properties for your illnesses.
  • It is known as a natural insect repellent.
After burning the piece, you can circulate it around the room and spread its scent.
You can fill Santo wood sticks in a small pouch or bag and place them in your drawers or in your closet.
20 gram/package - Approx 3 sticks