About Us

About the Brand

We are dedicated to offering the very best of unique bohemian accessories that are both trendy and funky to the confident, free, and adventurous souls. Our clients are also mindful of giving back to Mother Earth by shopping for sustainable and ethical items without compromising on quality or beauty and with affordability in mind.

Since our establishment back in 2017, we have been serving customers all over the world with a promise to deliver a fulfilling shopping experience with every purchase, by ensuring that each product tells a compelling and unique story and empowers each soul to look and feel magnetic.

We serve customers all over the world and are thrilled that we are able to turn our passion into our own website.

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About the Team

Deuxsigners' co-founders, Aya & Lama, first started the business as a hobby working with best-in-class craftsmen and suppliers - as a way to share their passion for funky accessories with locals. It then grew to become one of the few unique bohemian style distributors in the Middle East region.

Together, they are trying to bring out the best in themselves to serve you joyfully.

Deuxsigners CoFounder - AYA AL JAROUDI with blue hair

Aya Al Jaroudi